About us

It's all about TENDERNESS.

My name is Susana and I'm a dreamer!
I don't have the gift of writing, I can't put into words what I feel but I think my work and choices speak for myself...

My inspiration comes from the blue color of the sea, the sky and the clouds, the gold sand, the green of the trees and the miracle of life. Tenderness is my motto.

I created TENDERBLUE because I want to show my work and a little bit of myself to the world.
I love to create since I was a little girl, I studied Fashion Design. I started to create for my dolls then to my friends and finally my customers. When I became pregnant I fell in love with baby clothing so I first created for my babies (two boys) then to my friend's babies and finally I created TENDERBLUE.

All of TENDERBLUE pieces are made with the care and tenderness of the days of old. Quality is not restricted to the materials (100% wool or cotton and mother of pearl buttons) but in all the details and finishing. They are made one by one, sometimes in a vintage knit machine and others hand-knitted, sewn by hand with all my love and the love of my "right arm" Conceiçao. And this is what turns TENDERBLUE so unique and special.